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Our modular solution is made to meet your needs at every sight: it is non-standardized market-specific contract types or a hybrid business model, our engine can be tailor-made to perfectly fit your expectations. Talk to our specialists to find out how our solutions can empower your business.

Booking process

Lean booking process: Everything a customer needs packed in 3 simple steps, providing powerful and still very simple booking flow.

Advanced flight and hotel search: available worldwide and for
Our unique technology enables introduction of filters that would help customers find exactly what they need: a single click to dismiss itineraries with airport changes or overnight layovers, choose preferred flight times, airlines, airports, hotel meal plans or category, budget, etc.

Value adding services: Transfers, excursions, seat selection, meal selection, frequent flyer programs, special requests, APIS data, baggage adding, baggage information on every fare - everything done in the booking process.

Special set of tools for b2b work: Send offer as PDF file per email.

Possibility to search for rates for children on extra bed only, exact hotel, board type, number of stars and more.

Searching and booking of multiple rooms in a single query, with different occupancy, rooms or board types.

Powerful back office

User roles:our engine will give you the opportunity to define owner, technical, market and agent users with different access and action levels, which can be further modified per user.

Advanced markup management solution: Our rule based markup definition will help you build every possible pricing strategy, as per service type (flight, hotel, ancillaries…) and let you define different markups for different customer groups, markets or agents in order to meet your revenue expectations.

Automated processes: Optimize resources with our automatic ticketing and fulfillment solution in combination with payment gateway connection to your partner provider.

Reporting, Analytics and Tracking: Get the most of the data from the usage of your booking engine using our advanced usage statistics and the full integration with common tracking and analytic tools.

Set of tools which will help you define settings on market level like usage of different currencies, email confirmations, languages, etc.

Flights inventory

Rich content

We are partnering with leading industry providers in order to offer the most comprehensive content worldwide: more than 400 traditional, 200 low cost and 8 rail carriers connected.

Multiple sources

Our smart technology is able to process the most complex content source strategies, enabling you to get access to a wide range of different fares and availabilities from different markets and thus increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Custom flight search policy

Defining a specific fare search policy and manipulating the generic flight search results enables you to gain significant benefits: meet selling targets by favoring a specific carrier or define max layovers to meet your customer expectations - are just two examples of what our technology can do for you.

Own inventory

Define charter or nego space and offer directly contracted flights in the same search as GDS or h2h content.

Accommodation inventory

Comprehensive content definition

Everything a customer needs packed in 3 simple steps, providing powerfull and still very simple booking flow.

Create all the complex rules for all types of hoteliers’ contracts

Detailed hotel description, amenities, unlimited photo uploading and more.

Custom board types definition.

Flexible person definition and children policies.

Detailed room definition, type and occupancy.

Detailed rates definition: sales period, rate period, min and max stay, special offers and discounts.

Shared bed / extra bed policy.

Custom availability per hotel, room and period supporting instant and on request confirmation.

Comprehensive stop sale management and automated data import.

Possibility to incorporate further non-standardized definition rules as per your needs.

Ancillary services inventory

Defining custom types as excursions, transport, destination services, etc.

Based on given location, hotel, room or for the entire inventory with multilingual content description and photo upload.

Distinguishing between mandatory and optional services, visible or non-visible to customer.

Powerful pricing management e.g. pricing per day or stay, per room or person, etc.


Worldwide usage

Travixx Dynamic Packaging can be launched from any country in the world for any market on the world, is available in many languages and can process every existing currency.

Channel management

Our engine comes with modules that will enable you to distribute further: web affiliates, resellers or corporates, XML Web Services - all through a single solution suite.

You have an idea for a functionality that would help you business and you couldnt find an appropriate solution on the market?

Talk to us! We are passioned to get challenged, when it comes to travel technology.

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